How will I know if someone is accessing my screen?

  • Permission-Based Access:

    ClonaDesk operates on a permission-based system. The access giver must grant explicit permission for ClonaDesk to access their screen and files. This means that the access giver maintains control over what is shared, ensuring that sensitive information is not disclosed without their consent.

  • Visual Indicators:

    ClonaDesk provides visual indicators to promote transparency during screen sharing. When a screen is being shared, a noticeable green border is displayed around the shared screen. This feature ensures that both the access giver and the access taker are aware that screen sharing is actively in progress, promoting privacy and consent.

  • Pause Screen Share:

    ClonaDesk offers a screen share pause feature, allowing the access giver to temporarily halt screen sharing whenever needed. This feature is particularly useful for maintaining privacy during personal tasks or sensitive moments. When the screen share is paused, the access taker's view is also temporarily halted, providing additional control and privacy.

By incorporating these privacy settings and controls, ClonaDesk prioritizes user privacy and control over their shared content. Users can confidently manage and monitor what is shared, ensuring that their data and activities remain secure during screen-sharing sessions.