How to use Unattended Access feature in ClonaDesk?

  • Overview:

    Unattended access in ClonaDesk allows you to connect to a remote computer without requiring someone on the other end to grant access. This feature is particularly useful for remote troubleshooting, server management, and other scenarios where constant user interaction is not possible.

  • Setting Up Unattended Access:

    Enabling Unattended Access
    Unattended Access
    1. Open ClonaDesk and log in with your account to Access “Unattended Access” Feature.
    2. Navigate to the settings section.
    3. Look for an option related to "Unattended Access" and configure the settings as per your requirements.
  • Accessing Remote Computer Unattended:
    Logging In to ClonaDesk
    1. Open ClonaDesk and log in with your account.
    Selecting the Remote Computer
    1. In the main interface, enter the ClonaDesk address or alias of the remote computer.
    2. Click on the remote computer from the list.
    Initiating Unattended Access
    Unattended Access
    1. After selecting the remote computer, look for an option to initiate unattended access.
    2. Follow the prompts and enter required credentials