How to Take a Screen Share with ClonaDesk?

  • Ensure Trust:

    Before initiating a screen share, it is important to ensure that you are connecting with a known and trusted person. Only share or request access with individuals you have authorized.

  • Open ClonaDesk:

    Launch the ClonaDesk application on your computer.

  • Request Remote Desk ID:

    Ask the person who will be sharing their screen (the access giver) to provide you with their ClonaDesk Remote Desk ID. This ID is unique to their ClonaDesk session.

  • Enter Remote Desk ID:

    In your ClonaDesk application, locate the option to enter the Remote Desk ID. It may be labelled as "Enter Remote Desk ID" or something similar.

  • Connect:
  • Enter the Remote Desk ID provided by the access giver and click the "Connect" or "Join" button.

  • Access Request:
  • After initiating the connection, the access giver will receive a request on their end, asking if they grant you permission to view and control their screen.

  • Acceptance:
  • The access giver should accept the request for screen share on their ClonaDesk interface.

  • Access and Control:
  • Once the access giver accepts your request, you will gain access to their remote screen. You will be able to view and, depending on permissions, control the remote screen to collaborate, troubleshoot, or assist with tasks.

    It is essential to emphasize that screen sharing and remote access should always be conducted with the explicit consent and trust of both parties involved. Only share your screen or request access with individuals you know and trust to maintain privacy and security during remote sessions.