What are the Features available in Screen Sharing software ClonaDesk?

  • Screen Sharing:

    Share your screen with others in real-time, allowing them to view your desktop or specific applications.

  • Remote Accessing:

    Grant remote access to your computer or device, allowing others to control it remotely for troubleshooting or collaboration.

  • File Transfer (Copy/Paste):

    Easily transfer files between connected devices by copying and pasting files or using drag-and-drop functionality.

  • Switch Screen:

    Seamlessly switch between different screens or monitors when sharing your desktop, providing flexibility in presentations and collaboration.

  • Connect:
  • Enter the Remote Desk ID provided by the access giver and click the "Connect" or "Join" button.

  • Chat:
  • Communicate with participants using the built-in chat feature, enabling text-based discussions during screen sharing sessions.

  • Operational Tools:
  • Access various operational tools to enhance your screen sharing experience, making it easier to collaborate and troubleshoot.

These features make ClonaDesk a versatile and effective tool for screen sharing, remote access, and collaborative work.