Screen Sharing Software Features everyone should know

Science and technology have been pushing humankind to extend its limits. One such push was the development of screen sharing software. A few of these features are not known to the majority. Such hidden features are usually the ones that help boost the user's growth towards enriching their work life. But the high charges for these features created a barrier between a user and their growth.

How can you overcome these barriers in a smart way?

By simply understanding the features that you need. When finding a solution to the said issue, it is really important to know the features we’re looking for. Here are some of the features to look for in screen sharing software-


    Screen-sharing has become a vital tool for collaboration and communication. Whether it's used to facilitate remote working, conduct online meetings, host webinars, or provide top-notch customer support, it can be a real game changer and facilitate smoother communication all around.

    Screen sharing software allows users to share their computer screens with others remotely. It enables real-time collaboration and is one of the most important features in remote screen sharing software. This helps in problem solving, conducting team presentations, boosting effective communication, and enriching both personal and professional lives.


    File transfer enables sharing or transferring files or documents between different computers remotely. File transfer using remote screen sharing software makes the process easier than actually transferring the file from the local device. Files that are transferred using remote access software are automatically saved on your device.

    In certain scenarios, sending a huge data file quickly is a necessity, in that case, email is not enough. Users need to be able to share and transfer large amounts of data securely and quickly. Sharing files via remote access software is a great alternative that helps save time and effort.


    Switch screen is the process of allowing other users to display their screen during a remote desktop screening session. ClonaDesk has a facility to switch screens during any session to offer smooth operations for all users.

    Switch screen features can be used for conducting product demos and sales by showcasing their products and services to their potential customers. This feature can also be used when you are stuck with a technical issue, Tech support can then see what is going on on your screen and guide you through your problem.


    We need various tools and functions to carry out the necessary digital operations throughout our working day. Such as Excel Sheets, Documents, Presentations, Technical support, and many more, which can be used to optimize the user experience. It can be of immense importance to provide remote support for the smooth functioning of various departments. ClonaDesk has all these functions integrated and ready to use during the remote access session. Technical Support Executives can use remote access software for troubleshooting


    Have you ever missed or misheard something because of external factors? Well, now ClonaDesk allows participants to record the screen sharing. Coupled with detailed notifications to all participants, keeping their safety and privacy a top priority while recording .

    Screen recording during a session can help the user watch the recorded video whenever it is essential. This feature can be used while setting up a system or troubleshooting so that the recording can be used again in the future. It also allows the user to playback the recording as per their pace and requirements

It is always a good practice to get familiar with all the features of the screen sharing software to optimize them for a better user experience while at the same time ensuring your safety and security. In essence, people can collaborate, learn, and solve problems regardless of their physical location using screen sharing because it offers a versatile tool for collaboration, learning, and problem solving.

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