How to share screen online without registration

Screen sharing has become an essential tool for remote access, collaboration, presentations, and technical support. While registering for accounts has its advantages, there are instances when you need to share your screen quickly without the hassle of signing up. Here's a simple guide on how to achieve screen sharing without registration using the screen-sharing software "ClonaDesk."

  1. Visit the ClonaDesk Website:

    Go to the ClonaDesk website at

  2. Download "ClonaDesk for Windows”

    On the homepage, you'll find a button that says "Download for Windows." Click on this button to initiate the download process.

  3. Install ClonaDesk:

    Execute the download ClonaDesk installer and Install the application. Follow the installation prompts. Once Installed, open the ClonaDesk screen-sharing application.

  4. Share Your Screen:

    Share your unique Desk ID with the remote user to allow you to view your screen. After sharing the ID, the remote user should accept the permission to initiate screen sharing.

  5. Take Access:

    If you wish to access the remote user's screen, request the ClonaDesk ID from them. Enter the provided ID in the remote desk ID textbox within the ClonaDesk application and connect. This grants you access to the remote user's screen, all without requiring registration.

  6. End the Session:

    When you're done sharing, you can close or disconnect the application window to end the screen-sharing session.

Keep in mind that while ClonaDesk offers quick and easy screen sharing without registration, the file transfer may be limited to registered users. If you're looking for seamless file transfer or additional features, you might want to explore registration of the account.

Benefits of Registration:

Registering for an account often comes with perks such as enhanced security, access to advanced features, and staying updated with the latest improvements. While these benefits contribute to an enriched experience, they also help to stay informed about platform developments.

While ClonaDesk offers a convenient method of sharing screens without registration, be aware that certain features, such as file transfer, may be limited for unregistered users. If you anticipate needing these additional capabilities, exploring the option of registration could be beneficial.

Always ensure that you're using reputable and secure screen-sharing software to share your screen, especially when dealing with sensitive information.