Screen Sharing for Marketing & Sales

Marketing is like the storyteller of the business world. It's all about sharing a compelling story to let people know about a product or service and why it's awesome. Marketing involves getting the word out about something you want to sell, making it look appealing, and reaching the right people who might want it. It's the bridge that connects what you have to offer with the people who'd love to have it. Whether it's a local bakery or a global tech giant, marketing is the art of making things known and desired.

While there are many closing techniques that can be effective, there is one underutilized tool that you might have brushed over, which is screen sharing. It’s simple in practice but comes with many benefits. As you share your screen with the prospect and walk them through your product or service, not only does this help to close the sale, but it also builds massive trust and credibility. Over the past few years, marketing has come a long way from where it was. Now it is much more than word of mouth or advertising via pamphlets and phone calls.

Unlike a phone sales call, a sales pitch that takes place on a prospective customer’s screen is far more likely to capture and hold a prospect’s attention. Of course, screen sharing alone isn’t enough to close a deal; in fact, a poor screen-sharing connection or below-average presentation can actually reduce the likelihood of a successful sale. ClonaDesk provides top-notch connections to your screen-sharing sessions to help you close the deal successfully. As many salespeople have already learned, a screen-shared presentation has a much higher chance of leading to a sale when they’re able to read the prospect’s responses in real-time and adapt the rhythm and focus of the pitch accordingly.

When sales organisations share their screens with prospective customers during presentations, they bring the intimacy of an in-person sales pitch to the world of remote communication. And when customer support personnel leverage screen sharing software in conjunction with remote desktop access tools, they gain a new level of insight into complex technical issues and streamline the resolution process.

When you’re selling remotely, using screen sharing is a great and effective way to build trust with your prospect and customer. By showing them what you’re seeing on your screen, you’re establishing that you’re being transparent and honest. Additionally, screen sharing can help to avoid miscommunication by giving both parties a clear view of what’s being discussed. Prospects and customers will appreciate your willingness to be open and transparent, making it more likely that they’ll do business with you.

The past few years have witnessed an explosion of new screen sharing tools, which many organisations now use to collaborate on sales and marketing presentations, design and refine new products, and streamline remote conversations both internally and externally.

Real-time collaboration

Your marketing team members are scattered across different cities or even different time zones. How do you work on projects together without all being in the same room? That's where screen sharing swoops in to save the day! It lets you instantly share what's on your computer screen with your team. Whether it's a marketing presentation, a new campaign idea, or some fancy data analysis, you can all see it at the same time. This means you can discuss, tweak, and move forward without waiting for emails or scheduling a meeting.

Product Tours

If a marketing team is promoting a product, especially a digital one like an app or website, they can use screen sharing to give their clients and prospects a live tour. It's much better than just describing it, and it helps potential really get what they are offering.

For instance, a software company conducts a live screen-sharing session with a potential client to demonstrate the key features and user interface of their new application, allowing the client to ask questions and interact with the product. This can save time since the team wouldn’t have to keep typing out lengthy explanations in an email or trying to describe things over the phone. Instead, you can simply show the prospect what you’re talking about. Easy yet highly effective.

Interactive meetings

Meetings can sometimes feel like a trip to the dentist, especially when there are endless slides filled with graphs and charts. But with screen sharing, meetings can be more like a lively brainstorming session. Imagine sharing your screen to walk your team through a new marketing campaign. You can show them the visuals, the social media posts, and even the website in real time. This way, everyone can chime in, ask questions, and contribute their brilliant ideas.

Efficient training and onboarding

When a new marketing superstar joins your team, you want them to hit the ground running, right? Screen sharing makes that happen. You can guide them through all the tools and tricks of the trade right on their screen. It's like a virtual tour of your marketing universe! This hands-on approach helps them learn faster, and they become a valuable part of the team in no time.

Client presentations

Winning over clients is a big deal in marketing. You don't want to just send them a boring report; you want to dazzle them! Screen sharing lets you do just that. Instead of sending a static document, a business development executive aka Sales person can host a live presentation. For instance, if you've designed a shiny new website, you can walk your client through it in real time. You can make changes on the spot based on their feedback. This isn't just presenting; it's an engaging, interactive show of your marketing prowess.

Data analysis and reporting

Marketing teams thrive on data, and screen sharing makes data analysis and reporting a breeze. You can share data dashboards and analytics tools with your team, enabling everyone to collaborate in interpreting data, identifying trends, and making data-driven decisions in real time. This level of transparency and collaboration ensures your marketing strategies are based on solid insights. It's like solving a mystery together.

Screen sharing has proven itself to be a valuable ally for marketing teams, allowing them to work seamlessly, no matter where they are. From real-time collaboration to interactive client presentations, screen sharing empowers teams to be more efficient, creative, and productive. Start using screen sharing in your Sales and marketing endeavours and experience the transformation for yourself. Try it out in your next team meeting or client presentation, and see how it can boost your productivity and creativity.

Ready to make marketing magic happen? Give screen sharing a try and watch your marketing team's success soar!